Barrie Cast & Crew Screening

May 14, 2015 –


At long last the Barrie Cast & Crew screening of “HOLY HELL” is complete! We had a great group of our Holy Hellions come out to view the finished product. Amy’s Wheelchair, The Lord and a full-size copy of our poster were in attendance for people to take photos alongside, and our after party was hosted at Michael & Marion’s on Bayfield St in Barrie. A photographer was on site and we’ll post some photos from the event sometime soon.


The feedback from those who made it out was brilliant, some of the choice quotes including:


“It’s like Pulp Fiction meets The Rocky Horror Picture Show!”

“I fall asleep in movies all the time, but NOBODY could sleep through this!”



And a disclaimer that is all too accurate…


“This is NOT a movie for little old ladies.”


We look forward to posting pictures of the event, the people and the food (THERE WERE BULLET WOUND CUPCAKES PEOPLE, WE KNOW WHAT’S UP)!

Thank you Barrie and thank you everyone!


  • The Holy Hellions