Review: Holy Hell –

Taking its cues from the gloriously over the top madness of Hobo With a Shotgun and the early films of Troma, Holy Hell is the debut feature from writer/director/star Ryan LaPlante – and judging by this movie he is one sick, twisted and hilariously funny individual!

Holy Hell is a comedic take on the classic revenge movies of the 80s and tells the story of Father Augustus Bane, a priest who lived by the word of god – so much so that he doesn’t interfere when, during a visit to a family in his parish, a gang a sickos attack and kill them all… Pushed too far by the atrocities he has witnessed, Father Bane somehow survives his injuries and, plagued by guilt, he swaps praying to god for praying to a revolver, rescuing the only other survivor Amy and vowing to hunt down the gang who killed his parishioners and left him for dead.

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