Cast & Crew Screening in Kirkland Lake

Feb. 8, 2015 –


We’ve just arrived back from a trip to the Great White North of Ontario: Kirkland Lake. That city has been brilliant to us, and we brought the final film up to do a limited screening for the Cast & Crew from the area. We screened it in the lobby of the LaSalle Theatre, a building in which we shot multiple scenes (and built multiple locations) for “HOLY HELL”. The symmetry was delightful.


We arrived, found out there was no heat in the building, and then ramped up preparation. Who needs heat when you’ve got a MOVIE FULL OF MURDER?!?! Nobody! Also: everybody brought their own winter coats and we had blankets and hot chocolate. Essentially, it was a very Canadian indoor picnic.


The screening went off without a hitch and everybody loved it, which is always a pleasure to discover when the material is so crazy. We all ended up going to a pub afterwards to celebrate at a gathering hosted (at the last minute) by the gracious Rick Renaud.


We can’t thank Kirkland Lake enough! All our bullets and love are flying your way!


  • The Holy Hellions