World Premiere at the Indie Gathering! We’re their #1 Horror/Comedy!

Hello to all you Holy Hellions!

It’s been a very exciting few weeks for Holy Hell. Our screeners are sent and everything is locked in so we are thrilled to announce that we will be having our WORLD PREMIERE on Thursday August 27th at the opening night of the 20th Indie Gathering International Film Festival!


Our first laurel!
Our first laurel!


We are honoured to have been selected by their jury as the #1 Horror/Comedy! We can’t wait to screen our little blood-fest for the people of Ohio.


WE'RE #1! WE'RE #1
WE’RE #1! WE’RE #1


You can get tickets for our screening, or passes to the entirety of the festival (so much goodness there) at BEST NEWS EVER!

Praise the Lord,

The Holy Hell Cast & Crew


40 Festival Entries… SO FAR!


Today “HOLY HELL” was entered into its 40th Film Festival for consideration. Looking back at what it took to get to this point, we’re so grateful to all the people who’ve worked to get this project off the ground. We’ll keep you all updated as we enter even more festivals and the results come in! PRAISE THE LORD!


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Barrie Cast & Crew Screening

May 14, 2015 –


At long last the Barrie Cast & Crew screening of “HOLY HELL” is complete! We had a great group of our Holy Hellions come out to view the finished product. Amy’s Wheelchair, The Lord and a full-size copy of our poster were in attendance for people to take photos alongside, and our after party was hosted at Michael & Marion’s on Bayfield St in Barrie. A photographer was on site and we’ll post some photos from the event sometime soon.


The feedback from those who made it out was brilliant, some of the choice quotes including:


“It’s like Pulp Fiction meets The Rocky Horror Picture Show!”

“I fall asleep in movies all the time, but NOBODY could sleep through this!”



And a disclaimer that is all too accurate…


“This is NOT a movie for little old ladies.”


We look forward to posting pictures of the event, the people and the food (THERE WERE BULLET WOUND CUPCAKES PEOPLE, WE KNOW WHAT’S UP)!

Thank you Barrie and thank you everyone!


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Screen Testing in Cinemas

March 27, 2015 –

A shorter post this time: we’ve been taking a copy of “HOLY HELL” around to a few cinemas for quality tests in preparation for the upcoming Cast & Crew screenings in Toronto and Barrie, Ontario. It’s amazing to see this beast up on the screen and hear it roar through theatrical quality speakers, if only for a few moments. These screenings are going to be fantastic! BANE’S APOSTLES WILL BE SO THRILLED!


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Cast & Crew Screening in Kirkland Lake

Feb. 8, 2015 –


We’ve just arrived back from a trip to the Great White North of Ontario: Kirkland Lake. That city has been brilliant to us, and we brought the final film up to do a limited screening for the Cast & Crew from the area. We screened it in the lobby of the LaSalle Theatre, a building in which we shot multiple scenes (and built multiple locations) for “HOLY HELL”. The symmetry was delightful.


We arrived, found out there was no heat in the building, and then ramped up preparation. Who needs heat when you’ve got a MOVIE FULL OF MURDER?!?! Nobody! Also: everybody brought their own winter coats and we had blankets and hot chocolate. Essentially, it was a very Canadian indoor picnic.


The screening went off without a hitch and everybody loved it, which is always a pleasure to discover when the material is so crazy. We all ended up going to a pub afterwards to celebrate at a gathering hosted (at the last minute) by the gracious Rick Renaud.


We can’t thank Kirkland Lake enough! All our bullets and love are flying your way!


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Review: Holy Hell –

Taking its cues from the gloriously over the top madness of Hobo With a Shotgun and the early films of Troma, Holy Hell is the debut feature from writer/director/star Ryan LaPlante – and judging by this movie he is one sick, twisted and hilariously funny individual!

Holy Hell is a comedic take on the classic revenge movies of the 80s and tells the story of Father Augustus Bane, a priest who lived by the word of god – so much so that he doesn’t interfere when, during a visit to a family in his parish, a gang a sickos attack and kill them all… Pushed too far by the atrocities he has witnessed, Father Bane somehow survives his injuries and, plagued by guilt, he swaps praying to god for praying to a revolver, rescuing the only other survivor Amy and vowing to hunt down the gang who killed his parishioners and left him for dead.

See more…


Monster Shoot

We shot in Kirkland Lake for three days, and couldn’t thank the city enough. They allowed us to shoot anywhere in town, and shut down some streets for us to shoot on during primetime travel hours. It’s been awesome and the locals who came out to play background characters and extras are all super enthusiastic.

The pace of these three shoot days was ridiculous: 18-hours-a-day three days in a row, and the amount of footage we’ve shot has been mind-boggling. It’s a long cry from our earlier shoots. We reached an average of 18 two camera set-ups per hour, including all of the necessary takes from each angle. In three days we’ve shot 40 minutes of the final project – and we’ve done it with a three person crew.